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Making face masks yourself

During the easing of the corona measures, wearing face masks, as well as maintaining social distancing and washing your hands regularly, will play a major role. As from 30 April, the city will provide every resident aged 12 and over with a face mask free of charge. For this purpose, it is working together with a custom-work company, which has the necessary production capacity. 

This is already a big step in the right direction. Various organisations and associations in several different sectors (education, child welfare, youth welfare, etc.) will probably also start working with face masks as the lockdown is lifted. However, there is not enough business capacity in Flanders at the moment to meet all the demand. Therefore, we are (once again) calling on you as a volunteer to help make face masks. 

Do you have a sewing machine and would you like to make face masks yourself?
Do you want to deliver packages of materials as a volunteer bicycle courier? 

  • If so, please register below and we will forward your details to MAAKbar. Even if you have already made face masks for MAAKbar, please register again below as it makes the administration for MAAKbar much easier. 
  • In the “extra info” field, please indicate whether you wish to make face masks or if you want to work as a bicycle courier. 
  • After registration, a volunteer bicycle courier will provide you with a package at your home containing the necessary materials (fabric, straps, instructions, pattern, thread) to make 30 face masks.  
  • We ask you to bring the finished face masks to one of the following locations:
    - The City Office: consult the current opening times
      Please note: it is also possible to bring the face masks during the weekend or outside these times, but      please call our information centre on 0800 16 9 16 first in this case.
    - Kessel-Lo sports hall: from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 1.30 p.m. to          4.30 p.m.
    - Heverlee sports hall and Ymeria sports hall: from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. 

Cooperation with MAAKbar 

Since the very start, the city has worked with MAAKbar in connection with people making face masks themselves. The city purchased the fabrics and other materials, and over 600 volunteers sewed the masks according to the instructions of the Federal Public Service Health and under the coordination of MAAKbar. The sewing packages were distributed by 110 volunteer bicycle couriers. Altogether, volunteers have sewn over 12,000 high-quality face masks. City employees distributed the face masks to care providers such as care assistants, home care workers, midwives, general practitioners, patients, etc. and others with a job that involves close human contact. 

Do you have any further questions? 

For all practical questions or additional orders for extra packages, please email info@maakbar.org

This vacancy is currently no longer active. Contact the organizer or find another vacancy.
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