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Urgently sought: ICT equipment

Children and young people are today learning at home and online, but not every child has access to the right equipment. Patients in isolation do not have the necessary ICT equipment available to be able to communicate with the home front. We are looking for companies and people who can donate ICT equipment to children, people in a vulnerable situation and patients in hospital. We will deliver the laptops and tablets to schools in Leuven to distribute to their students and to Leuven hospitals. Thanks to the solidarity of many Leuven residents and companies, 550 laptops have already been collected or sponsored and of. These laptops have also already been distributed. There is still great demand for laptops for education: in primary schools, in adult education and for Leuven residents in a vulnerable situation.

Which ICT equipment is eligible?

  • Laptops up to 4 years old with the necessary charging cables. We are mainly looking for companies that want to donate multiple laptops.
  • Tablets and smartphones up to 4 years old with the necessary charging cables.
  • Although used, the equipment still works.
  • All private data have been deleted from the ICT equipment.
  • Because the disinfection protocols that apply can damage the devices, it is not possible to return the equipment. The equipment is therefore a donation and will not be returned. 

How can you donate ICT equipment?

Please fill in your details below. We will contact you as soon as possible to make specific arrangements.

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