Leuven Helps

Together we are helping the victims of coronavirus in developing countries

In many countries, which are already hit by famine, extreme poverty, conflict, and a lack of access to health care, the humanitarian situation has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The already vulnerable populations of these countries are the first victims in such a crisis. The city of Leuven is therefore happy to contribute to the solidarity campaign 12-12. You can help prevent a disaster and meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in these countries by making a donation to COVID 12-12.
How to support COVID 12-12? 

You can support COVID 12-12 with a donation to account number BE19 0000 0000 1212 of the not-for-profit organisation Consortium 12-12 or through the website covid.1212.be . Any donation of EUR 40 or more is tax-deductible. 

Your donation helps fund the actions of the participating organisations in five priority sectors: health, water and hygiene, nutritional support, protection of vulnerable people and education. CONSORTIUM 12-12


Consortium 12-12 is an alliance of 7 humanitarian organisations that make a coordinated fundraising effort during severe crises or natural disasters, i.e. the Belgian Red Cross, Caritas International, Handicap International, Doctors of the World, Oxfam Solidarity, Plan International and Unicef. The seven organisations provide vital assistance to the population of more than 40 countries in Africa, as well as in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. They make a difference on the ground, among populations that are already contending with famine, poverty or violence. They have specialised emergency teams and are part of international networks. This enables rapid and effective aid around the world. 

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