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The community association Buurtwerk ‘t Lampeke has been part of the Ridderbuurt neighbourhood in Leuven for 50 years. It works directly with a disadvantaged target group and consists of five sections: the de Wurpskes day-care centre, the Fabota after-school club, the den Tube youth group, the Buurthuis ‘t Lampeke community centre and the Prego family support programme. The family support programme regularly organises meeting sessions/games for parents and children. They can do this thanks to the help they receive from volunteers. The coronavirus outbreak brought this activity to a complete standstill, but they are now aiming for a cautious and safe restart with a few families. In this connection, they are still looking for volunteers to help them at certain times.

  • As a volunteer, you help to organise fun activities for a group of children and their parents. 
  • You have free time available on Tuesday afternoon or Sunday morning. You are prepared to take up this commitment for a few months (except for the holidays you plan yourself).
  • As a volunteer, when performing your tasks you are insured through the Buurtwerk ‘t Lampeke vzw community association. 
  • ‘t Lampeke doesn’t pay volunteers any compensation, but expenses incurred for organising the activities are reimbursed.  

Profile of the volunteer 

 You have to ask for this extract from your municipal administration. For residents of Leuven this is possible:  

 1. Online with your electronic identity card and card reader. 

 2. Via email to strafregister@leuven.be (if you do not have a card reader). Add a scan or photo of your identity card. 

 3. At the City office 

  • You have good general health and do not show any COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • You do not belong to one of the higher-risk groups: impaired immune system, chronic diseases of the heart, lungs or kidneys, diabetes, pregnancy, etc. 

What happens after you apply? 

  • Register below.
  • We will send your details to the Buurtwerk ‘t Lampeke community association. 
  • The Buurtwerk ‘t Lampeke community association will contact you to make practical arrangements.   

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