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Wanted: volunteers to keep the meeting space open in Wilsele-dorp neighbourhood centre

Buurtcentrum Wilsele Dorp
In Wilsele-Dorp, volunteers and community workers are putting their weight behind the operation of the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood centre is a meeting place where locals read the newspaper, use the computers or enjoy a free cup of coffee in excellent company. Those who wish to do so can enjoy a freshly prepared snack or take part in one of the many activities on offer. What’s more, you can do all of these things either for free or at a nice low price. 

The neighbourhood centre offers a wide range of low-threshold meetings, activities, training courses, assistance, information provision and policy work, with particular attention for vulnerable local residents. 

The coronavirus outbreak brought this activity to a complete standstill, They are now going for a cautious and safe restart and we are still looking for volunteers to keep the meeting space open. Together with volunteers, they are searching for tailor-made work, someone who can help out now and again or who can be there every day.  

  • As a volunteer, you help keep the meeting room open. This includes staffing the bar, selling beverages to the people visiting the neighbourhood centre, making coffee, heating up snacks, clearing up and doing the dishes, so that everything is nice and clean again by closing time. 
  • You have free time available on Thursday afternoons. Our meeting space is open between 1.30 p.m. and 8 p.m., but volunteers often work in shifts during the hours that suit them the best. 
  • As a volunteer, you are insured when performing your tasks. 
  • Leuven’s neighbourhood centres do not offer any remuneration to volunteers. However, we do offer you a pleasant neighbourhood operation with a great volunteer team. The opportunity to help shape your volunteer work as part of a team and the support of a community worker where necessary. 

Profile of the volunteer 

  • You are social and like to talk to the people visiting the meeting room. 
  • You are orderly and like to take pride in your work. 
  • You have good general health and do not show any COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • You do not belong to one of the higher-risk groups: impaired immune system, chronic diseases of the heart, lungs or kidneys, diabetes, pregnancy, etc. 

 What happens after you apply? 

  • Register below. 
  • We will send your details to Wilsele-Dorp Neighbourhood Centre. 
  • Wilsele-Dorp Neighbourhood Centre will contact you to make practical arrangements.   

This vacancy is currently no longer active. Contact the organizer or find another vacancy.

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