Leuven Helps

Write a letter

Many Leuven citizens are home alone and unable to go out. Receiving a letter can mean a lot to them. After you sign up, the City will match you with someone in your neighbourhood and provide you with their address. 
Specific equipment required: 

  • Pen, paper, envelope, stamp and inspiration. 
  • Please let us know what languages you can write in: Dutch, English, French... 

Volunteer profile 

  • You are 16 or older 
  • You are in good general health 
  • You are not ill: no runny nose/cough/sore throat/fever... 
  • You have not been in any risk areas 
  • You have not had any contact with people who have recently been in a risk area 

This vacancy is currently no longer active. Contact the organizer or find another vacancy.
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