This website was originally built for impact days during which schools, universities, neighborhoods and companies volunteer for the community. But at Give a Day, we feel we live in extraordinary times with regard to the corona COVID-19 crisis and it is important today that we support current social initiatives with the right tools to organize help. So we offer it for free to anyone who needs a platform to match questions for help and volunteers. We help you to help.That is our core mission and the sole reason we started our platform a few years ago.

The platform helps organize COVID-19 neighbor help locally 

Every municipality and organization is currently looking for solutions to properly match requests for help with volunteers. Many people are isolated and need help.

In the context of the Corona crisis, we provide a platform free of charge where municipalities and large organizations can organize, manage and increase social engagement. The platform allows for faster matching between requests for help and volunteers while respecting the privacy of the people involved. 

City of Leuven started on March 15, 2020 as the first city. Below you will find a list of all municipalities with their own local help platform on our website.

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300 cities and NGOs started with a corona help platform of #OurCityHelps 

These cities have launched a platform and are open to requests for help and assistance. Requests and offerings are discretely matched with respect for your privacy!

Read all the Impact Days solidarity stories in the press right here.

Do you just want to volunteer with charities? Then you can always visit our smart Give a Day volunteer matcher 

Take part in the #volunteerfromyourcouch campaign and the 10 corona challenges 

From the week of 2 april, you will find in this facebook group the 10 challenges with extra information how to get started. We challenge every Belgian to perform 1 or more challenges every week. Every week will highlight 2 challenges! 

  1. Put a ticket in your neighbor's bus that you always want to help them 
  2. Send a postcard to the local residential care center 
  3. Have your children make drawings for the seniors & family 
  4. Call the elderly by telephone or Skype 
  5. Chat and facebook with the elderly and your loved ones 
  6. Making information cards with a telephone number where lonely seniors can text, call, and whatsapp 
  7. Digital learning and, for example, teach people a new language or help seniors have digital skills and work with WhatsApp, Skype,… 
  8. Read out stories from seniors to children via skype, messenger, or record and post online… 
  9. Host a senior party with Spotify Give a Day Biggest Corona Schlager Spree playlist for seniors and connect to the world live via Facebook via your Facebook page 
  10. Run errands for a neighbor 
  11. Submit the 11th challenge yourself via luc@giveaday.be, you are our 11th man!

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Request your free corona help platform here

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