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All users of the Impact Days platform must use the platform in the appropriate manner, regardless of their role in relation to Give a Day: volunteer, employee of an organization, employee of a local government that acts as (local) administrator for a local platform, or otherwise.


"Impactdays.co" is an online platform of "Give a Day" (hereafter the Give a Day platform or platform) where an organization or municipalities can create a platform to find and match volunteers (e.g. for volunteer work, neighbourly help, etc) or goods (e.g. sponsors, mouth masks, laptops, etc).

"Give a Day" builds its platform together with the users. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. All ideas are welcome to further improve the platform. You can always send your suggestions to info@giveaday.be.

By using the services on the website of “Give a Day”, you agree to these Terms of Use, the Privacy Statement and the Cookie Policy.

Our details:

  • “Give a Day” CV with Social Purpose
  • Veldstraat 98, 2520 Ranst
  • https://www.giveaday.be
  • https://www.impactdays.co
  • e‐mail: info@giveaday.be (general or to exercise your data subject rights)
  • BTW‐BE: 0659.887.535


Users must respect other users, respect the rights of others (including Give a Day) and respect the law.

Users must behave and use the Give a Day platform in good faith and with a reasonable duty of care ("bonus pater familias").

The user may not use the Give a Day platform or the data retrieved via the Give a Day platform for unlawful or malicious activities.


Users expressly agree to the following obligations:

  • not to violate any applicable international, national, regional or local law or any other law in force;
  • not to impersonate a person or entity, or misrepresent their relationship with a person or entity;
  • not to use the Give a Day platform for illegal or criminal activities, deceptive or fraudulent acts, or for encouraging (or implying) acts that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, acts of harassment, acts of stalking, unlawful, violent, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, invasive of the privacy of others, hateful, racist, ethnically or otherwise offensive;
  • not to disrupt the Give a Day platform or servers or networks connected to the Give a Day platform or knowingly introduce viruses, worms or other material that is harmful or technologically harmful;
  • not to gain unauthorized access to the Give a Day platform, the server on which the Give a Day platform is stored or any server, computer or database connected to the Give a Day platform, or any user account that is not theirs to hack into or attempt to gain access to;
  • not to attack the Give a Day platform through a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack;
  • not to take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionate burden on the infrastructure of Give a Day;
  • not to adversely affect or represent the goodwill, name, reputation or pressure, distress or inconvenience of Give a Day or anyone else, or discourage any person, association, government, company or corporation from using all or part of Give a Day;
  • not to infringe (or use the Give a Day platform in a manner that infringes) the intellectual property rights or proprietary rights, trade secrets, rights of publicity, privacy or data protection of any third party;
  • not to harvest or collect email addresses or other (contact) information of other users by electronic or other means for sending unwanted or intimidating e-mails or other unwanted or intimidating communications;
  • not to use unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, commercial activities and/or sales, junk mail or so-called "spamming".


5.1 General

Users may not process any Special Categories of personal data on the platform.

This includes not uploading Special Categories of personal data to the platform, as well as not requesting Special Categories of Personal Data on the platform through the platform, for example through a vacancy.

Users may only process confidential data or data considered as sensitive if they are able to assess the risk and take sufficient measures to avoid the risk or reduce the risk to a level that they are willing to assume and accept as such.

The data that users process, share and/or publish on the Give a Day Platform cannot infringe on the rights of third parties.

5.2 Responsibility for own data

Users can and may only provide (and if they choose to: share or publish) real, accurate, correct, current and complete information or personal data about themselves on the Give a Day platform.

Contact details must meet these criteria in order to receive (important) messages, such as notifications of changes in conditions, from a volunteer responding to a vacancy, information from (a potential) matching, information from a (potential) volunteer contract, etc.

Users can update their information at any time and must in any case change (or delete) their information as soon as it is no longer correct.

For the sake of clarity, this does not imply any obligation to share or publish such data on the Give a Day platform.

Users must keep their login details absolutely confidential and secure. Any use of a user account is attributed to the user. If their login details are misused, they must notify Give a Day immediately. Users cannot reject liability for any action with their user account prior to such a notification.

The user account and user profile of an organization is managed by the (individual) user who created and/or claimed the account and profile. That user is jointly responsible, accountable and liable for the account of the organization, should he/she not have represented the organization in a legitimate manner.

5.3 Responsibility for data received

Give a Day makes no representation nor give any warranty of any kind as to the quality of the data, including that the data is accurate, up to date, usable for any purpose, etc.

Users are responsible to treat the details of other users on the Give a Day platform or received through the Give a Day platform with a fiduciary duty of care, confidentially and in accordance with the law. Any use of the attributes received or verified by a user may not go beyond - if the user allows it - connecting to the Give a Day platform and/or sending proposals via the Give a Day platform, unless other (legitimate) bases exist to process the data (and this at the responsibility and risk of the (receiving) user).


The content made available to users, including software, images, graphics, logos, documents, text, slogans, user content and other information ("Content"), as well as all related intellectual property rights (including copyrights, database rights and trademark rights) and other rights are - as assigned by law - the exclusive property of Give a Day, or of their respective holders (including users).

6.1. Intellectual property rights of Give a Day

All rights, titles and interests in the Give a Day platform, including in particular our software, technology and related documentation, the Give a Day name, the Give a Day logo, the Give a Day buttons, widgets, images, photographs, animations, videos and text, but excluding user-generated content, third party web services or third party content linked to or posted within the Give a Day platform, shall at all times remain the property of Give a Day (the "Intellectual Property").

Users may not copy, display, republish, publicly display, translate, offer, transmit, upload or distribute any part of the Give a Day Services, Platform or App, except as expressly permitted in the Terms of Use or otherwise permitted in writing by Give a Day.

Users may not use, modify, reproduce, reverse engineer, decompile, distribute, distribute, publish, sell, display or otherwise exploit the intellectual property without the express prior written consent of Give a Day.

Subject to the conditions of these Terms of Use, Give a Day grants users a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited and revocable right to use the Give a Day app, as described in these Terms of Use, and as permitted by its settings.

6.2. Intellectual property rights of the user

Users grant Give a Day an unrestricted, non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, transferable, irrevocable, (sub)licensable and royalty-free right to use, access, transmit, process, reproduce, store, archive, cache, translate, modify, distribute and otherwise use information they have shared with other users through the Give a Day platform (including text), photographs, images, drawings, photo captions, personal data, etc) in any form, medium or technology now known or later developed for the purpose of operating or improving the operation of the Give a Day platform and providing emergency services on or alongside the Give a Day platform.

Users agree, for those communities identified as "public" on the Give a Day platform, that Give a Day use, at its sole discretion, their trademarks, service marks, trade names, image, character, logos, domain names and other distinctive branding or identification in marketing materials, presentations, Website materials, customer lists and other media now known or hereafter discovered in connection with the marketing, advertising and promotion of Give a Day and the Give a Day platform, and that it may use and refer to any and all products, goods, features, capabilities and/or services related to Give a Day and the Give a Day platform.

6.3. Intellectual property rights of third parties

Users acknowledge and agree that they are solely responsible for the content that they upload, share or publish on the Give a Day platform. This means that they are responsible for respecting the intellectual property rights of third parties (including other users) and preventing infringement on such rights.

Users will indemnify Give a Day from any royalties or other fees, expenses or costs payable to any third party due to the content that they have uploaded, shared or published.


Give a Day reserves the right to provide (more) guidance on the correct use of the Give a Day Platform. Users agree to follow these guidelines.


Users may report inappropriate use of Give a Day (according to them) via the contact form or via email at info@giveaday.be.


Give a Day may (decide) to mediate or intervene in disputes between users, but is not obliged to do so. If Give a Day does so, it may stop the mediation or intervention at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, Give a Day accepts no responsibility or liability for such (attempted) mediation or intervention.


Give a Day may take any action that it deems appropriate at its sole discretion to prevent inappropriate use of the Give a Day platform.

Give a day reserves, among other things, the right:

  • to temporarily or permanently block the access to the user account for the user who (allegedly) violated the rules
  • to remove, in whole or in part, content that violates or is alleged to violate the intellectual property rights of others (including the intellectual property)
  • to report (alleged) breaches of criminal law to the police, judicial or other authorities

However, Give a Day does not undertake to take any measures.

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