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Without you there is no coincidence. Without coincidence there is no innovation. Are you wondering if you can make the shift towards an animal free research practice? Are you willing to help someone else to make this transition?

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During the HELPATHONs we have discovered that  animal-free innovation becomes easier when we do it together with patients, doctors, researchers, financiers, health professionals, policy makers and other experts involved. Encouraged by the results of the first two Helpathons and with the help of the Dutch Transition Program for animal free Innovation (TPI) we are organizing more Helpathons in 2020. These Helpathons will be online and at real live transformative venues organized around a particular research question. 

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phone: +(31)623468381 (Pepik) +(31)621847410 (Monique) 

The Helpathon team 

Prof. dr. Sue Gibbs (cell biologist and tissue engineer - Amsterdam UMC, ACTA),  Dr Carine van Schie (innovation and finance expert - Dutch Burns Foundation) Ir. MSc. Pepik Henneman (transition manager - Mister Lion) Jantine Wijnja (facilitator and art director - Mister Lion) Monique de Haan (organizer and administrator - Dutch Burns Foundation) Jan de Dood (strategic adviser - Mister Lion) Eva Malschaert (project manager - Mister Lion ) Jos Lap (editor - Mister Lion)