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June 18, 2020


Saskia has just received the prestigious VICI grant. She studies non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: a silent but insidious liver disease that affects millions of people putting them at high risk for developing liver failure and cancer. Presently, no treatment is available. Her work involves animal testing and Saskia courageously invites colleagues to think along on how she could redesign het research with less or no animal testing. 

Saskia van Mil is associate professor and received her PhD from the University of Utrecht in 2004, on the topic of genetic disorders of pediatric cholestasis (bile acid homeostasis impairment). 

Saskia's question is exactly the type question the Helpathon Team is hoping for. Whatever the outcome will be we look forward to explore the boundaries of what is and what is not possible in animal free innovation.

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In Helpathon #3 SASKIA's question (b) will be combined with the question of DANIELA (a): 'What master course would have helped Saskia planning her research differently?'

June 18th, from 15h00 till June 19th, 15h00 (UTC)

If you want to join this Helpathon please schedule this 24 hour session starting June 18th, 15h00 till June 19th, 15h00 (UTC) in your agenda. Make sure you have a good internet connection as we will welcome you in our Online Helpathon House.

Once checked in you can travel freely in our virtual online openspace environment. The Helpathon starts with a collective Zoom based briefing and ends with a collective Zoom based presentation. What happens in between is up to you (and the experienced Helpathon participants). You can stay in the main hall, you can join others in specific rooms to share insights, develop ideas or you can meet others in the coffee corner, walk with them in the park or maybe even make some music together in the music room... and take off line breaks to sleep and eat... as long as you do not miss the debrief and brief sessions in between.

If you want and can participate we urge you to free your agenda for the 24 hours. If you cannot make it you are welcome to join the kick off briefing or the end presentation. Please let us know in the message field (when registering) why you want to join this online Helpathon.

Hope to see you the 18th of June! 

Registration deadline: Friday June 12th

This vacancy is currently no longer active. Contact the organizer or find another vacancy.
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