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September 16, 2020
Volunteer wanted

Join online HELPATHON Masterclass.


Online tutorials: 6 Wednesdays 10h00-12h00 (16, 23, 30 September and 7, 14, 21 October) 
+ practical assignments: 6 hours weekly for the duration of the course (6 weeks) 

Participants will be asked to actively participate in the Helpathon of 2/3 November to get their certificate.

Learn to organise and moderate your own Helpathon by following the Helpathon protocol.

Step 1: Check the framing.
Step 2: Dare to ask.
Step 3: Prepare in detail.
Step 4: Go with the flow.
Step 5: Communicate what is starting to happen.
Step 6: Keep in touch.

Summary Helpathon Protocol

At least 8 people and 24 hours. A helpathon should preferably take place for a minimum of 24 consecutive hours. Spending a night over it helps to process what you have thought up and what you have observed. A night's sleep also provides room for new insights or ideas. A helpathon takes place with at least eight people. That guarantees the dynamics.

A helpathon starts with a good, clear and urgent question. It is important to formulate the right question in the right invitation in advance. To develop the framework within which the helpathon takes place. During a TPI helpathon, the research question is disconnected from the research method. A good research question is valuable in itself, just as a good research method is. Disconnecting these two issues creates more room for new research questions and research methods. 

A Helpathon starts with a synchronization phase lasting at least half a day. This fase is based on Open Space Technology and therefore has no predetermined agenda. Everything that participants find really important in relation to the central question - the theme of the helpathon - is covered. 

A Helpathon is a maker space. The making starts with an "imagination in power" session, in which solutions are described as if they already exist. This phase is interrupted with a night's sleep. That is a natural way to filter ideas and reset information. The next day the ideas that last are tried out further. 

Creative communication. The Helpathon ends with a festive presentation of the results to those involved or interested people from the participants' network. “

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